Who Are These Spunk People Anyways?

Spunk Marketing launched originally as a single freelance designer, Kevin Webb, was working in the evenings to make extra cash to become debt free. It soon turned into a much larger venture, as he decided to expand the service base and create a business plan to serve customers and offer the best valued graphic design and media marketing available on the web.

Spunk still operates as a small company in order to keep overhead and prices low, but quality and professionalism are never compromised or set aside. The Spunk team is a small personal team whose number one goal is to provide marketing services that leave our customers more than satisfied with the success and effectiveness of each project, while allowing them to keep some money in their pockets:)

Dave Ramsey inspired the dream to be debt free, and these same principals are present in the Spunk Marketing financial plan. The business is run 100% debt free as we believe in being excellent stewards of all that we have been blessed with… especially our customers!

We look forward to serving you with excellence!

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