Do They Need New Management?

Some things are excusable and can be gotten away with temporarily, but this has gone over the top. The Kentucky Fried Chicken in Loganville, GA has had this sign up for almost 2 months.

I am officially calling for new management at the KFC in Loganville, GA. The current manager is obviously not qualified to handle the type of work that requires attention to detail, quality and excellence.

Loganville Kentucky Fried Chicken

Loganville Kentucky Fried Chicken

Seriously, how much does it cost to buy a “W” to put on the sign that thousands of potential customers are going to see? I can’t help but judge this KFC every time I pass. If they are not held to a high level of excellence on important marketing strategies that are in the open for people to see, what do you think their kitchen is like? Do you think that they take pride in their cooking and the cleanliness of their building?

I don’t think so.

Please stop putting two “V’s” in order to make a “W” for your Hot VVings. If you contact me, I will personally donate the money for you to buy a “W”.

Also, are the Hot VVings free? What is the purpose of having an empty $ symbol on your sign?

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