Tired of Overpriced Marketing Services?

The Answer Is Here!
www.SpunkMarketing.com is set to launch September 1st, 2008!

What Do We Do?
Spunk Marketing will offer media marketing, graphic design and website design services. Our goal is to provide professional marketing services with “big business” quality and “small business budgets.” I understand the roadblocks that occur due to budgets, and I have made it my personal mission to make Spunk Marketing the industry leader in offering marketing services that won’t “break your bank.”

I have worked for small and large companies alike, and I factually know that regardless of budget size, nobody desires to spend their entire marketing budget for the entire year on a single project.

What’s The Answer?
The answer is Spunk Marketing. Our pricing is simple, our customer service is excellent and our team of designers, producers and programmers are first-class.

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