Basic SEO Tips: Testing Pages, Site Map & Site Submission (Tips 11-13)

Ok, your basic SEO is complete and your site is live. Now, its time to take the next steps into advancing your SEO position and techniques.

11) Time To Test Your Website: Go through every single page and every single link to make sure that it functions flawlessly. The last thing you want when your website launches is broken links and 404 error codes. People will leave and never come back. If Google crawls your site and finds broken links, or links that don’t link correctly, then you face the possibility of being blacklisted. Blacklisted means that your website can’t be search on Google because it will remove the index.

12) Build Your Sitemap: It’s time to build your sitemap. It is fairly simple to do, so don’t freak out! Building a sitemap will help search engine bots or crawlers easily discover all of the pages on your site. The sitemap works as a guide for the search engine crawlers to find every page and link on your site. This will help when they “stop by” to index new pages or information.

Sites that will assist you in creating or building your sitemap:

You can also use tools from Go Daddy and other website hosting companies to generate your sitemap.

13) Submit Your SIte: It’s time to start submitting your website’s url. I could type until the end of the year telling you of every place you should submit your website, but I’m just going to name the most important ones here. It won’t hurt you to do a little bit of research on your own… that’s how we all learn!

Submit your site to these places: DMOZ, Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, MSN, Live, Cuil, Insider Pages, Gimpsy, Go Guides, Joe Ant, AOL and CIty Search.

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