Basic SEO Tips: Meta & Title Tags (Tips 6)

It’s time to start building your website. Here are the next few important things that you need to know to get started, or to tell the company that will be building your website (if you have to tell them, then you shouldn’t be using them… just a thought). If this is the case, then be sure to contact Spunk Marketing for your website design.

6 ) Meta & Title Tags: It’s true that because of the deceitful trickery that people have used in the past, Google no longer sees Meta Keywords as important or as relevant as they used to be. That doesn’t mean to leave the out! Make sure you add the below meta tags to your site. Whether every bit of it helps or not… it sure won’t hurt. Don’t over due the content. Keep it simple.

Keep your Title Tag, brief but to the point. Use your company name and your most popular service or product. Try to make separate Title Tags for each page of your site.

meta name=”keywordscontent= Enter up to 10 keywords that are relevant to your website & services.

meta name=”descriptioncontent= Enter your website’s description in complete sentences. Be sure to descrobe your services here as well.

meta name=”subjectcontent= Website subject such as homebuilder, real estate, gardening, etc. A Single word will due.

meta name=”robotscontent= just make sure you have “index, follow”

meta name=”revisit-aftercontent= How often do you want search engines to crawl your site? This mostly depends on how often you update it and add content, but it’s not a bad thing to have.

meta name=”author” content= Simple enter who designed your site, or who owns it.

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