I Make Easy Money On Craig’s List

It doesn’t matter if you own a business or need to make some extra easy cash at home. We all have stuff laying around in our garage, closet, bathroom or desk that we haven’t used in years and are just sitting around wasting our space. DON’T THROW IT AWAY!

I just started using Craig’s List last week and I have already sold 13 video games, some speakers, a computer mouse and keyboard, a pistol grib, an xbox, some controllers and an old TV. It was all things that haven’t been used in years and most of it was sealed in a box at the bottom of my closet.

It’s a free and easy way to make money with stuff that you consider junk. What some people consider junk, others consider treasure!

It’s easy to do. Create a free account, take pictures of what you want to sell and start posting.

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Some Good Marketing & Sales Tips To Help You Out:

1) Take excellent photos of what you are trying to sell

2) Do some research to come up with a good price

3) Create an exciting subject line about your product

4) Write a brief description, and bullet point some of the features of the item

5) Leave clear contact information… try not to use home phone numbers. Stick to cells and email addresses.

6) Use PayPal or meet at a public place to exchange money and products.

7) Never use money grams, wire money, or except checks from people. There is a lot of check fraud on Craig’s List.

Good Luck!

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